Website maintenance

Maintaining a website is a very important component towards having an excellent website. It does no good to have a killer design if the content of your site is incorrect or out of date, and if your site has any age on it at all it is quite possible that it needs to be updated in some way to benefit from new innovations in web technology such as social networking, email blasts, etc.

Web design firms are notorious for being lousy at providing maintenance services for customers, probably because they are more interested in the creative side of web design.

Customers generally are too busy to learn how to maintain their website even though modern content management tools ease the task considerably. To do it right a person has to have a combination of writing ability, design ability, organization common sense, and stay current on web technologies. Most folks don’t have the time nor inclination to do that.

Micro Medic Web Services is good at providing website maintenance. We believe it is a very important part of our business and that it endears us to our customers. By making it easy to get updates made to your site, it frees a business owner to do what they do best and leave the website maintenance to us.

Maintenance requests are generally emailed to us, after which they are entered into our tracking system, documented, and completed – normally in two business days or less. Simple. There are no retainer fees and you are charged only if and when you ask us to do work. Simple. If you send it to us, you can count on it getting done professionally and quickly.

If this sounds like what you are looking for, give us a call or send us an email.