Web and email hosting

Web hosting

We deliver reliable, well-supported website and email hosting services, period. We do it the way it should be done. We do it like our customer's businesses depend on it - because they do.

Don't take web hosting for granted. If you do, it will bite you. Does your website operate in a data center with backup power systems that kick on automatically and can run for days? Does your website get backed up every night? Does your web host have spare servers in case the server your site is on crashes? Does your website site behind a real firewall - one that is managed by professionals who know about Internet security? If you have a problem can you talk to a live human being, or do you get to submit an email or a trouble ticket and then hope someone will get to it soon? Not much good if your email is down, is it?

Micro Medic does hosting right. Our servers operate in a Tier 2 data center with backup power, data, a/c. We have our own Sonicwall firewalls, our own switches, our own redundant power switches, our own servers, our own tape drives. Hosting is not the only thing we do, but we know the importance of reliable and secure hosting.

Email hosting

Our POP email offerings include anti-spam tagging and anti-virus software monitoring, and includes access to your mail through a webmail client software interface. You also get the same great customer support that all of our hosting customers receive. Mailboxes can be tailored to your exact specifications for sizes, and an unlimited number of aliases can be set.

Our customers count on us for everything when it comes to their computers and their websites. We're not about to take that lightly and we're not about to skimp. If you want to be able to sleep at night knowing your website is in good hands, call us.