Systems integration

As computers and the use of the Internet have proliferated, the problem of systems that don’t talk to each other has become a common issue. You may have a warehouse system that is written in one language, a line-of-business solution written in another, and your customers may communicate with you through still another. All of this carries with it a tremendous amount of inefficiency and opportunity for problems and errors. The ability to integrate

Micro Medic Web Services is adept at architecting and creating solutions that let disparate systems speak together to share information. The benefit to you is that you do not need to continue to enter data multiple times and more importantly, you can do a better job of managing your business because you can make decisions based on consistent and up to date information.

Fortune 500 companies spend hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars every year managing transitions and convergence of systems. Micro Medic Web Services gives small businesses the opportunity to partner with an IT firm that has enterprise-level capability on an as-needed basis.