Retail businesses have unique challenges when it comes to IT Services. To be competitive your Point of Sale (POS) systems must be state of the art, utilizing barcode technologies and handheld terminals to help streamline to flow of products into and out of your store. And the web has become an integral part of a large majority of retailers business plans, either by selling product on the web or drawing customers to your store(s). 

Micro Medic is an experienced IT Solutions provider for the retail industry, having worked with numerous successful retail customers like A Southern Season. Our background is perfectly suited to deliver one-stop shopping for retail clients because we are experts in barcode technology including barcode scanners and barcode printers, experts in the secure computer networks that are an integral part of any modern POS system, and experts in developing ecommerce websites and brochure websites that put your best foot forward on the web.

We have experience with single-store, multi-store, and multi-state retailers, so let us put our what we know to work for you. The beauty of working with a contracted IT company is that you can leverage what we have learned from other retailers to help you find a solution for your company. 

Give us a call for a no obligation consultation. We'll be happy to talk to you if you are new to retail or if you are a veteran retailer with a problem.