Remote access solutions

Remote access to the information you use to run your business is almost a given in today’s environment, and the challenge to make that information accessible in a quick and secure way continues to change. Sometimes referred to as remote computing, the information must be available day and night from anywhere and it might be stored on your individual PC, on your company servers, or perhaps even in the cloud. You might also need the ability to run application software from your home or anywhere in the world. How do you go about managing that access without compromising the security of the information?

Maybe a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the answer? Perhaps Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (also known as Terminal Services) makes sense? How can you give granular control to the information so that some employees can see some data while others can see a different set?

Micro Medic can help you understand the challenges of remote access and put together a plan to enable you and your employees and customers access to the data they need when they want it. We’ll ask the right questions and ultimately provide you with solutions offerings that comprehend the challenges and give you a path to a budget-conscious answer.

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