One stop for all of your web services needs

If you can think it, we can build it. The website company you choose must have a broad range of expertise and experience in order to offer you the creative and technical capabilities required to keep pace for today’s businesses. Micro Medic Web Services has been creating and hosting websites and business-optimizing web solutions since 1996, and through the years we have teamed with a broad spectrum of businesses and institutions. The result? We can draw on those experiences to suggest powerful, effective ways to make your website stand apart from the rest.

Website design and development

Your website must be an effective blend of style, function, and technology. We draw from a cadre of seasoned graphic designers in order to get you the look and feel that will work for your business. We then put together effective information presentation and data flows so the site will work within the framework of your business. And lastly we utilize dependable, supportable technologies, including blogs, forums, meeting management, and on-line data collection as the cornerstone of your project.

Ecommerce website development

Our experienced staff has created successful ecommerce websites for a number of successful retailers. From custom ecommerce solutions to template-based sites using available ecommerce engine software, we will work with you to meet the challenge of selling your products online.

Custom programming

Not everyone wants a website that advertises their business or sells a product. The Internet has become a resource that businesses can use to connect their employees to data and to customers, and Micro Medic Web Services is adept at listening to your information challenges and creating an efficient solution to them. Our recent projects include:

  • Accounting applications
  • Business process management
  • Point-of-sale solutions
  • Logistics management
  • Scheduling

Call us for a no-cost consultation to discuss your ideas or problems. Perhaps we can do for you what we have done for the US Air Force, a major regional insurance carrier, a local publisher, and more... resolve their problems through the effective use of computer programming that utilizes the Internet to connect people with information.

Website hosting

If you are looking for a company to provide web hosting, Durham NC may not come to mind, but we are here! Our dedicated hosting environment is composed of modern hardware running Microsoft server and database software, all housed in a SAS 70 Type II-certified facility staffed 24x7x365 with a team of experienced engineers. We specialize in Microsoft hosting technologies. What this means to you is that your website or servers are in good hands.

Email hosting

Our POP email offerings include anti-spam tagging and anti-virus software monitoring, and includes access to your mail through a webmail client software interface. You also get the same great customer support that all of our hosting customers receive. Mailboxes can be tailored to your exact specifications for sizes, and an unlimited number of aliases can be set.

Search engine optimization

Let the professionals at Micro Medic Web Services tailor a n SEO program to get your website search engine performance soaring. We employ state of the art tools in concert with a well-orchestrated methodology to continually improve your site’s rankings with the major search engines. The key to effective SEO is to have realistic goals and to utilize a continuing program of optimization and review to reach and maintain peak search engine performance.

Data management services

Micro Medic Web Services can provide data management using relational databases such as SQL Server, ORACLE, and MySQL, achieving tasks including Data Transformations and Loading (ETL) and Remote Database Administration (DBA).

Systems integration

Your systems can and should share data, resulting in increased efficiency and decreased transcription error. Contact Micro Medic to discuss data sharing among applications and synchronization of remote systems.

The sky is the limit for us. Bring on your dreams and let's talk about them.