Network Attached Storage

ioSafe 1515+

The ioSafe 218 and 1019+ are fireproof and waterproof NAS devices, designed to deliver optimal reliability while protecting data from natural and man-made disasters. Cloud-enabled and powered by Synology’s multiple award-winning DiskStation Manager operating system, the both devices include apps for remote access, collaboration, file syncing and sharing, video surveillance, photo management, and more.

Single Drive External Storage

ioSafe Solo

The ioSafe SoloPro and Solo G3 are fireproof and waterproof external hard drives engineered to keep data safe during fires and floods and protect it from theft. Designed for optimal reliability, the SoloPro provides business-class compatibility and can be used with servers and Windows, Mac and Linux desktop operating systems. The Solo G3, offers home users an easy way to protect your photos, videos, documents, and other irreplaceable data.

Dual Drive External Storage

ioSafe Duo

The ioSafe Duo is a fireproof and waterproof external storage device that protects your personal or business data from home or office fires, damaged plumbing, leaking HVAC systems, or the fire department’s hose. The Duo has two hard drives installed, making two copies of your backed up data simultaneously and eliminating the risk of data loss from drive failure.

Server Storage

ioSafe Server

A fire- and waterproof, cloud-ready server for SMBs and remote/branch offices that provides instant, internet-independent protection for on-premises data to significantly improve post-disaster recovery times. ioSafe Server 5 secures and protects data from natural and man-made disasters to deliver enterprise-class business continuity on an SMB budget.

ioSafe Product Specification Sheet