Financial services

Micro Medic is fortunate to have long-standing relationships with a number of customers in the Financial Services industry. Our experience in this market includes banks, investment capital firms, investment advisers, and CPA firms.

Financial Services companies are required to align themselves with IT Solutions providers who do things right, because there is no room for error or relaxation when it comes to Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) and other reporting and regulatory requirements. Our track record with banks and Securities and Exchange (SEC) registered investment companies speaks volumes about our attention to detail and ability to perform day in and day out.

Working with registered financial services firms means that we have undergone the scrutiny of audits from the regulators who approve our client's choice of IT Support providers and passed. As our list of clients in the industry grows we have come to view the rigors of this regulation as business as usual.

Whether you need a dedicated technician on staff, an on-call engineer to help with special projects, or simply need an expert to help your firm design a compliant solution, Micro Medic will be able to deliver exactly what you need, when you need it. Perhaps more importantly, we will be there for the long haul. In a business where IT Service Provider "churn" is a common thing, Micro Medic stands out as a provider that customers stick with. We are stable, reliable and predictable.