File Backups

MozyPro Online Backups from Micro Medic

Micro Medic offers online backup through a partnership with Mozy – an EMC company with data centers in Utah  and Nevada.   The service is intended to provide a secondary backup of your most critical data to protect you in the event of a catastrophic event such as a machine crash, a fire in your building, or a natural disaster that affects a wide area.

We can monitor the backup process remotely to ensure backups are occurring as desired and alert you when they are not. Additional and optional services can be added to the online backup service to give you even greater peace of mind.

Below is a quick explanation of a few of the key components of the online backup service:

  • Drive Seeding – Backup Sets larger than 20 Gigabytes may benefit from sending a copy of the data to the data center on a hard disk rather than utilizing the internet to transfer the initial upload of data. The drive that is used is 1.8 Terabytes in size and can be used to do the seeding for multiple computers and servers if they are done en masse.
  • Test Restore – It is advisable to periodically do a test restore of some of the files in your backup set to ensure that the backups are accessible and valid. This testing is your responsibility but can be performed by a Micro Medic technician when requested. 
  • Large Restores – In the event of a catastrophic failure of a computer or server that is covered by this service, and where a large amount of data is backed up by MozyPro, a shuttle drive or DVD may be requested to speed up the restore process rather than moving the data over the internet. MozyPro will charge a fee to create and ship this drive/media and that cost will be the customer’s responsibility.  
  •  Backup Set Definition - Micro Medic has predefined and recommended backup templates for servers and desktop/laptop computers, but you can define your own "backup set" if the templates don't fit your needs. 
  • Local Drive Backup - In addition to backing up online (to the Cloud), you can send a copy of the backup set to a locally attached disk drive such as a USB hard drive.
  • File Versioning - All versions of a file created within the last 30 days are kept on the Cloud backup server so you can recover previous versions if you happen to make an error and need a previous version. These previous versions do NOT count against your disk space quota.

Contact Micro Medic to learn more about this cost-effective and very important service.