Database development

As databases become more prevalent and important to businesses, the ability to find qualified database analysts and database programmers has become particularly difficult.

Micro Medic has experienced database developers and architects ready to serve you. Our experts are ready to help you design and develop new and creative ways to collect and use the data your business needs. Couple that with our ability to comprehend and architect your business processes and the result is a powerful capability to create line-of-business applications that can make your business run more efficiently.

We specialize in Microsoft SQL Server database development and have worked extensively with versions dating back to SQL7, SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2003, and now SQL Server 2008.

If your needs require reporting services, DBA experts, query or other features, you can trust our experienced database developers to create a robust, efficient solution for you. We have aligned ourselves as Microsoft database developers and have experience dating back to 1996. Along the way we have worked with small databases on up to databases handling millions of records and several thousand transactions an hour.

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