Computer and networking equipment

We sell servers, PC's, switches, firewalls and other equipment

At Micro Medic, we service what we sell. For that reason we only sell equipment from leading manufacturers who are equally driven as we are to deliver a quality product and support that product for a reasonable period of time.

Servers, PCs, notebook computers, switches and more from HP

It is no coincidence that the vendor we have aligned ourselves with since the 1980’s has become the largest computer manufacturer in the world. HP’s professionalism and reliability is what attracted us to them years ago and impresses us today. Micro Medic sells HP Servers, HP desktop PCs, HP notebook computers, and HP networking switches and equipment including wireless access points.

Take a look at the complete HP Solution Showcase.

Sonicwall Firewalls

Micro Medic has sold and continues to monitor and maintain hundreds of Sonicwall firewalls ranging from their entry-level home business TZ 100 models to enterprise-class units capable of supporting large organizations. We can set up and monitor CGSS (Comprehensive Gateway Security Services) to help protect your business with anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-phishing and other security threats.

Power products

We sell both APC and Eaton power protection equipment including passive and line-interactive UPS units as well as simple surge protection devices.

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Zenith Backup & Disaster Recovery

Zenith BDRs can be configured to backup the data on one or more servers and virtualize those servers in the event of a server failure. In addition offsite data storage can be coordinated to give you an extra measure of protection in the event of a failure. Micro Medic sells and services Zenith BDR solutions including their new MirrorCloud offering.

We are also members of the prestigious Tech Data TechSelect community; an organization of the top VARs associated with the top distributor in the country. What this means to you is that we have the leverage it takes to get the best possible pricing AND delivery, as well as access to a professional support staff that acts as a perfect complement to our own in-house talent.

We only sell what we service and what we know will work. We leave the latest and greatest technology to the other guys because we are not about to use our customers as test-beds. What is important is having reliable equipment from a vendor that supports that equipment, and that is why we have chosen the vendors and suppliers we associate with.