Chapel Hill IT services

Micro Medic has been an active member of the Chapel Hill community since 1986, having sold and serviced computers, printers, servers and networks to businesses as well as the University from then until today. It is no accident that we continue to enjoy a great relationship with our clients who are on the "Who's Who" of Chapel Hill businesses.

We are the preferred IT service provider for a broad range of businesses in financial services, accounting, law firms, retail businesses, insurance companies - virtually any business with a need for quality and responsive service on their information technology equipment. Our customers stick with us because we provide personal service using a professional technician or engineer who knows them and their business. This familiarity between you and your tech means they will remember your systems, your problems, and your preferences, resulting in a clear understanding of your needs AND no wasted time educating someone who has never been in the door before.

The unique blend of professional businesses and student population is a big part of what is challenging for you and what is special about Chapel Hill. IT Support is not something that most business owners want to spend their time doing, and that is why we are here. Give us a call and learn how we can give you peace of mind when it comes to keeping your LAN running and secure.